Amazing proposal ideas you’ve never thought about


When asking someone to marry you, the staging and the moment have to be just right. If you make the proposal unforgettable, you start to prepare for an incredible married life together. Plus, of course, you greatly improve the chance of getting a ‘yes’!

Make your proposal personal to you and your loved one. If you are thinking of proposing, but wondering how best to do it, then these proposal ideas might give you some inspiration.


Hire a classic car for the day

Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, the star of the movie always managed to get the girl in the end. If you want your romance to have a silver screen ending, then making your loved one feel like a film star could go a long way. Hire a beautiful classic car and personal chauffeur for the day, and take your partner out onto the open road for a day of adventures. The 1957 Chevrolet and Cadillac convertibles are great choices for creating a romantic ambience!

Recreate your first date

If you want to set the mood perfectly, ready for your proposal, then why not head back to your beginnings and make your first date happen again? Often, proposals are arranged at fancy restaurants or during once-in-a-lifetime holidays. While this is terribly romantic, it can sometimes take the edge off the surprise. If you go back to the start, and do something cute and low-key like a first date recap, then you have a better chance of your proposal being a complete surprise.

Propose all around the world

Use social media to send your proposal to the other side of the world. Enlist the help of friends, or strangers, to write messages in the sand, light up windows in a tower block, or flash your message on a billboard in some of the world’s most exotic and iconic locations. Anything is possible when you get creative, and have a little support too! Get online and see what you can come up with.