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Experience the elegant pleasures of yesteryear

Have you ever wondered where Hollywood producers locate vintage cars for period feature films and TV shows? Or, are you planning an old-fashioned photo shoot, or even a themed birthday party? Add some style and class to your next celebration with classic car prop hire.

At Chevy Red Hire, we do so much more than transport blushing brides and gorgeous grooms to their wedding ceremonies. Our impressive selection of classic cars have star power of their own.

You may hire a classic car for a retro photo shoot, a blast from the past birthday party or even a retro wedding reception. Whatever the occasion, you can rest assured that Chevy Red Hire has the perfect vehicle to make the event 100 percent authentic.


Experience a slice of history

Due to the rise in popularity of period films and TV series, demand is ever-increasing for vintage vehicles which are authentic to the time period. To transport audiences back to the decade in which a TV series or film is set, producers opt for authentic cars.

However, if the movie or TV show in question involves car crash stunts, the cars are often replicas. The main reason behind this is replicas are not as expensive to replace as authentic cars.

When seeking car props for the stage, car props for theatre, or cars for movie props in period films and TV shows, studios generally acquire them in three ways.

1. Vintage car lovers bring their impressive machines to the set. Or, producers scout car clubs, websites, online forums, luxury car events or even particular suburbs for the perfect set of wheels.

Pay can vary depending on how long the vehicle is needed, the production budget and how heavily the car is featured in the TV show or movie.

2. Studios will acquire and rebuild older cars from scratch, depending on the finances available to them. If the studio has the facilities and expertise, rebuilding these cars can be done in-house. If not, this rebuilding is outsourced to specialist mechanics and body shops. Or;

3. For cars which are used as props or set pieces (either moving or fixed) in TV or film productions, studios turn to specialised car hire companies like Chevy Red Hire. This enables producers to hand-pick the perfect luxury car to compliment the film or TV show.

Our classic cars

When it comes to car prop hire, the most common question we are asked by producers and customers alike is: “what classic cars can I hire?” Our answer to this question is, “the only limit is your imagination!”.

At Chevy Red Hire, we pride ourselves on having one of Melbourne’s largest selections of vintage luxury vehicles. Whatever your classic car hire needs, we have the ideal luxury vehicle to suit you. As avid vintage car enthusiasts, we offer Chevy prop hire, retro prop car hire, Cadillac car hire, Chevy hire and Limo hire.

Why choose us?

So, what exactly makes Chevy Red Hire stand out from other car hire companies? We’re glad you asked.

Unlike many of our competitors, we understand how tough production scheduling can be. We know how difficult it can be to get the perfect vintage car when you need it.

That’s why our talented team aims to make your job easier. We do this by working to source the vintage, luxury Chevy, Cadillac, Limo or other retro vehicles you need for car prop hire. And, to fit into your production schedule, we deliver each vehicle on time, every time.

What does Chevy Red Hire provide with car prop hire?

At Chevy Red Hire, we are as passionate about authentic, vintage vehicles as you are.

So, whether you need cars for movie props or movie car rentals, you can confidently leave everything to us.

Our skilled team of car enthusiasts will take care of styling to ensure your cars for the Film and Television Industry are 100 percent authentic to the period.

And, as Melbourne’s leading car prop hire company for the film and television industry, we understand how tight production schedules can be. So, we offer car prop pick up and drop off from pre- to post-production.

How does the booking process work?

Are you wondering how to book a classic car prop for your next photoshoot, wedding or film or TV production? Whether you book online or in person, the process is very easy:

Step 1:

Fill out and sign a booking form. For your convenience, we can email the form to you.

Step 2:

Make a deposit of $100 (per car) to secure the vintage car of your choice. You can make this payment by cash or via a bank transfer.

Step 3:

Once we have received your booking form and deposit, we will post you a receipt. The remaining balance may be paid either two weeks prior to your photo shoot, film or TV shoot, or by cash on the day.

Your booking time commences and ends according to the times specified on your booking form. If you need more time, you will be charged by the hour. This is payable at an hourly rate on the day of booking, in cash.

Which locations does Chevy Red Hire serve?

Based in Bulleen, Victoria, Chevy Red Hire serves satisfied clients all throughout Melbourne.



Hear what our happy Red Chevy couples had to say.

"As amateur filmmakers, we were searching for a reliable car prop hire service. Chevy Red Hire exceeded our highest expectations by delivering the perfect vehicle to suit our needs, and fitting into our incredibly tight production schedule. We believe hiring a classic car from Chevy Red Hire made all the difference to our film."

- David F.


Whatever your special occasion, we have the perfect hire car to get you to your destination in comfort and style.

Are you searching for car or film prop hire in Melbourne? Simply call or email the talented team at Chevy Red Hire today.