Is hiring a limo for a day worth it?


If you’ve been considering party ideas and want to arrive in style at a big event, such as your high school formal, your birthday or your wedding day, then you may well consider hiring a limousine. Limos are the obvious choice when you want to feel like a VIP. They are roomy, stylish and extravagant, and they turn heads wherever they go.

But is hiring a limousine really worth it? There are lots of alternatives which might suit you better, such as an exotic car or a vintage motor vehicle. Limos have many advantages and some people prefer modern and others prefer classic style. Here, we weigh up the pros and cons of limo hire, so that you can make an informed decision.


What to expect when you hire a limo

Limousines are designed to carry large groups of passengers. For example, up to eight people can be seated comfortably in the Cadillac limousine. Even if you prefer not to share, the vast amount of space feels luxurious and private – perfect for romantic drives, or for your journey to your wedding venue.

When you hire a limo for the day, you expect the VIP treatment. This should start with your smartly dressed, friendly and highly professional driver. The driver is an important part of the limo experience. Riding in a luxury vehicle with a personal chauffeur is the perfect way to get to your big event in style.

Other alternatives to limo hire

The limousine will certainly turn heads wherever it goes. Expect to be the centre of attention! However, if you prefer to travel in less showy style, or if chic and classic is more your taste, then a sporty little number might suit you better. A classic and iconic red Chevy, for example, can be just as luxurious as a big white limousine.

If you do hire our classic limousine for your special event, make the most of your time with it. Enjoy a cruise around the town before you head to your party, or stop and utilise it for your wedding photo shoot prior to drop off at your reception.  Enjoy the vehicle at your own leisure!