Why you should care about your wedding car

Whether you are planning an upcoming wedding or dreaming of your future big day, there will be some details you simply can't miss - such as the venue, your outfit, and of course, who you will be marrying! But what about the transport to the venue? Have you thought about the car that will take you to your wedding?

Some people will have this detail ticked off their list before any other. They may have a type of car, or some other mode of transport, already in mind. Others, however, neglect this aspect of the big day or leave it right until the last minute. This can be a big mistake. Here is why you should care about your wedding car.

Booking in advance saves disappointment

If you do have a vehicle in mind, and your heart is set on it, then you had better act fast to secure it. Leaving this to the last minute can see you end up disappointed. During wedding season, your luxury vehicle should be booked one year or more in advance, to make sure it is available on your chosen date.

Arrive in style with the perfect vehicle

If you want to feel a million dollars on your special day, a classic car journey is the way to go. The glamour of Hollywood seeps from every corner and curve of the little red Chevrolet, so you will turn heads as you travel and as you arrive at the venue. Step out onto the red carpet for that VIP touch to your big day.

Choose a car that accommodates your needs

Your wedding car should be more than just stylish. It should be practical too. For one thing, wedding dresses can be rather large. Will your chosen car accommodate yards of lace, tulle and satin? Plus, you need room for the passengers who will be travelling with you. If you want all the bridesmaids to ride with the bride, a limousine is a must. When just two are making the journey, a sporty Chevy is perfect.