Why choose a Chevy over a limo?

If you are looking to hire a chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle for your special occasion - or just for a fun day out - then there are two choices which stand out from the crowd. The classic limousine is a popular choice, but the vintage sports model is quickly becoming the number one choice for weddings, birthdays and more. Here, we weigh up which is best suited for you - and which is our top pick. Chevrolet convertible or Cadillac limousine? The choice is yours.

Chevrolet versus limousine

Chevies and limousines each have their advantages, depending on the circumstances. A limo can hold more passengers than a cute little sporty number, so you can travel in style with your guests - but for arriving at the church on your big day, you won't need all the extra seats. In cold, wet weather, the hardtop limo will protect you from the elements, while a convertible Chevy lets you feel the cool wind in your hair on those hot summer days.

It really does come down to style and preference in most cases. There is something very special about the long, wide Cadillac limousine, with its tail fins and chunky front. On the other hand, the dainty red Chevrolet oozes Hollywood glamour. Whether you need transport for a special occasion or a classic car prop for your movie or photo shoot, both Chevies and limos are gorgeous choices.

Our pick: Chevies over limos

The limousine is a great car, perfect for all manner of occasions. The iconic pink Cadillac is a very special motor, too. However, our hearts belong to the stunning red Chevy, which has the edge in terms of class and beauty. The 1957 Chevy convertible and the 1957 Chevy Belair sedan are about matched for style and comfort, with each offering a different kind of experience out on the road.

You can truly feel like a celebrity with a ride in these gorgeous hire cars, while your chauffeur takes you anywhere you wish to go. The Chevy is a gorgeous prop for photo shoots and it looks incredible on film, too.