Make sure your wedding photos are memorable: hire a classic car

The pictures that you get back from your wedding day should be special mementoes to treasure forever. You want to look back on those photographs and remember the happiest day of your life. The pictures will no doubt be displayed around your home, and gifted to loved ones as well - not to mention posting them on your social media accounts for all your followers to enjoy.

You want those photographs to be as attractive and individual as possible. This is where classic car hire can help you. Using a classic car for a wedding or engagement photo shoot can create the perfect images.

Hire a vintage car for photographs

From your wedding day to the launch of your clothing line, there are many reasons why you may want a classic car in your photographs. Hiring a chauffeur driven 1950s sports car is not only great fun, but the gorgeous vehicle is the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

Take your photographer out for a spin with you, and park up to take beautiful shots of you and your partner - with the incredible car in the background. Visit places of natural beauty for the most incredible photos of your big day. The photo shoot experience is something you will never forget.

Visit your favourite places in your hired vintage car

For truly memorable wedding photos, have the driver take you to places that are special to you both. From the place you had your first date to the spot where you proposed, these special places have played an important role in your relationship. Make them part of your future as well. Have your pictures taken, along with your hired classic motor, at the places you both hold close to your hearts.

Props and accessories make any picture unique

If you want to create a wedding album that showcases both of your personalities, consider bringing photo props with you for the journey. These could include beloved family pets, references to cute jokes, or any object or being that has significance to you. From bright, bold umbrellas to wellies and work gear, absolutely anything goes. It is your special day, so put a personal stamp on the pictures.